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Computer Repairs Computer Repairs

We repair, tune-up & upgrade computers and servers. We set-up continuous data back-up and restoration service. We do data securing, spam filtering, viruses and spy-wares protection.

Network setup, continuous maintenance, support and monitor 24/7. Information technology analysis, strategy, and design. Server management and Web hosting. Remote monitoring and support. Ongoing consultation, On-site maintenance and support.

Office Automation
Surveillance Systems
We setup and troubleshoot Point of Sales (POS) systems, Packaging Systms Automation. Automation is necessary to cut production cost and increase the efficency.

Benefits of our services

You save production cost and increase the efficency. Less downtime means more productivity. No IT employees to manage (We take care of everything). Security and Safety. 24/7 monitoring.
Growth management and Peace of mind.

Protect Your Network & Business Data before it's too late!

Annual Maintenance Contracts

Discover the power that peace of mind can bring.
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